The Available City is an ongoing urban design project by David Brown, a professor at the UIC School of Architecture. Its non-hierarchical, flexible, and variable approach develops from his study of design implications of structures that facilitate improvisation in jazz. His book Noise Orders: Jazz, Improvisation, and Architecture (University of Minnesota Press, 2006) is his most exhaustive account of that study. 

The Available City Collaborators:
Cady Chintis, Matt Van Der Ploeg, and Christina Stamatoukos.

General Design Proposition and Design Development
Jared Macken and Lyndsay Pepple.

Design Development
George Louras, Jared Macken, Cole Monaghan, Ji Noh, Tafhim Rahman, Matthew Schneider, and Jenna Wolf.

Scapes and Chambers
Collaboration with Dept US (Adrianne Joergensen, Jason Mould, and Meghan Funk).

2012 Venice Architecture Biennale
Jacob Comerci, Nicholas Krause, George Louras, Cole Monaghan, Roy Mwale, Lyndsay Pepple, Tafhim Rahman, Mark Rowntree, Julia Sedlock, and Jenna Wolf.

2d—Matthew Schneider, 3d—David Ramis.

Chicago Architecture Biennial
Stephen Adzemovic, Caroline Grebner, David Ramis, and Samra Qasim.

The Available City received grant support in 2011 from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fines Arts 

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